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 Clearing Your Stones and Crystals

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PostSubject: Clearing Your Stones and Crystals   Thu May 12, 2016 5:54 pm

Ways In Which To Cleanse Your Stones
Or You can Ask the Stone At the Stone's Request

1. Full Moonlight ~ Place the stone on the windowsill and leave for 3 hours or however long you feel drawn to leave it on the windowsill for and ask via first thought and positive intention for the moon to clear its energies. Particularly effective if its a super moon as you have the combination of all three of the moon energies interlinked.
2. Starlight ~ Works  the same way as moonlight energy as completed by request and positive intention. Particularly effective in moon eclipses too as the energies are heightened.
3. Reiki ~ hold this stone in the palm of your hand if attuned to the reiki energy and hold it in healing hands for up to 30 seconds or more letting time for the reiki energy to flow through and clear the stone.
4. Self-Cleansing Stones ~ Place it next to a self-cleanser stone like citrine or carnelian and ask for the self-cleanser stone to cleanse the other stone.
5. Smudging ~ The old native american way of using smoke to clear the air with the stone's consciousness, using your favourite brand of incense and positive intentions.
6. Healing ~ The Natural way of bringing down a ray of golden or cosmic white light from the universe and asking for it to cleanse the stones in question completed through visualisation.
7.  Fey, Spirit and Angel Guides ~ Asking them via first thoughts to wrap your stones in  universal love and light and asking the stones to let go of the old hindering vibes that have been collected over the years.
8. Burying ~ Another good way of charging or cleansing stones is to let them connect and reconnect with Mother Earth's energies.
9. Grid-work and Positive Intention: Working with cleansing grids to calm and send out peacefulness and clean energies to clear your stones through positive intentions.
10. Water - Only use on some stones, NOT the dissolvable ones like Selenite or Gypsum or Angelite, else would clear the crystal away. Sea energies if you live nearby the sea or wish to recreate the same equivalent of by using cold water and sea salt; also easy enough to do to clear your stones in for the ones that wish to be cleared that way. 
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Clearing Your Stones and Crystals
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