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PostSubject: Aquamarine    Thu May 12, 2016 5:04 pm


Aquamarine is known as the travelling stone. The name means sea water. Similarly to Lapis Lazuli, it is an excellent stone for movement and journeying through meditation. Aquamarine has a very gentle energy, which is protective and soothing.. it brings clarity and peacefulness to the Wearer. 

Aquamarine also assists in self-healing and dealing with grief. It is another stone that reflects communication, finding your voice and voicing it. It is an excellent stone for bringing through the calmer energies and serenity of a quiet and focused mind.

Aquamarine was used in rituals to encourage rain to fall. It also encourages the Wearer to sharpen their intuition and clear the perception of the mind, which in turn also makes it a good stone for meditation and dream-work.

It disperses volatile and erratical behaviour from within as its presence is very calming and peaceful, it can also bring order/organisation to your thoughts, and is an excellent stone to take you on journeys not just in meditation but also bringing movement and freedom of passage into your life. 
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