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 Angelite Tumblestone

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PostSubject: Angelite Tumblestone   Thu May 12, 2016 4:40 pm


Angelite is a calming stone, which is good for working with the energy for when you connect to the angelic world. Angelite is a gentle stone that is effective in both meditation and delving within. It will convert to Gypsum if put into water so it is a stone that is easily dissolvable. 

The consciousness of angelite is very communicative. Its messages that Angelite brings through as divine communication are guidance for the selected audience. Angelite is a good stone for focus in truth and conversation; for getting in touch with your angel helpers and angelic guides.

Angelite is also known as Blue Anhydrite. It can calm energies that are behaving very erratically down as well similarly to blue lace agate and can calm feelings like stress levels, fearfulness, doubt and angry, irritable feelings. Carry angelite if you wish to forgive someone or yourself or if you seek forgiveness and are wanting to move on from the past.

With the crystal consciousness itself it is also a good stone for writers and teachers as it helps to easily express different subjects in so many words and the use of language that is universally downloaded.
Angelite is also a good talisman for connecting to the higher self, and enhancing empathy thought as well as the clairs and the active listening clairaudient ear, also a very good talisman to keep by for journeying in astral as well as enhancing awareness of spirit.

It can create shields to act as protective energy barriers to ward off negativity and the lower energies that are around within the world. It is an excellent stone for working with groups and thawing the ice within communication in groups, letting people that befriend the stone find their voice. It also encourages positive thinking with this stone and can be the bridge to other avenues of knowledge and other positive healing energies like a bridge between  higher dimensional worlds.
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Angelite Tumblestone
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