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 Amethyst Stone

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PostSubject: Amethyst Stone   Thu May 12, 2016 8:43 am


Amethyst is a talisman stone for protection and also acts as an amplifier if placed alongside Clear Quartz. Amethyst can assist in clearing the matrix and gridwork as well as being an all rounder healer stone. Spirit Amethyst quartz helps with clearing the aura free of any negative energy and also works with the violet flame of protection being able to assist and transmute the hindering energies into positive energy. 

Amethyst can also absorb negative energy if sent to the home or working space - if programmed to do so then it will do so - Amethyst is often perceived to be a cure for becoming more sober if the wearer is feeling a little under the weather or tipsy. But Amethyst does indeed attract the similar frequency vibrations of energy so if the wearer was feeling low or down and is open; amethyst would attract that kind of vibrations through to connect.

Vera Cruz Amethyst is very good for drawing in abundance if placed opposite the entrance to the home in which you are in. As its symbolically a way of inviting the abundance and material wealth into your life.

Amethyst also helps with focus and concentration especially when working with gods and goddess pantheons  that one wishes to connect to. If one was to dedicate a stone to a certain deity in energy workings; it would be Amethyst or whichever stone you are drawn to connect to give as an offering. 
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Amethyst Stone
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