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Welcome Home To Our New Community! We are a friendly-family online supportive awareness network for all souls awoken to their paths guided by the higher spirits and higher energies... if you have found here here at EternalHealingHaven, please be aware and mindful of your energy, ground and protect on our site as you will find that this ensures that you are safely protected from any hindering energetic vibrations.

A cosy little home online for all souls navigating their journey on the path of awareness.
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 I'm Starise...

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PostSubject: I'm Starise...   Wed May 11, 2016 11:41 am

Hi... I'm Starise. I'm 29 years old, but will be 30 this year... I'm quite a bubbly person who is often very upbeat. I am very musically aware and have had spirit bring through songs that have sounded like the whole street could hear them but in reality it was just me. I am able to hear quite well when it comes down to working with spirit, and also see sometimes them. I definitely believe in angels, animal totems, and also the fey folk, who assist me in my path from time to time. I am very open and well versed in my beliefs, I also love to work with the star energies and celestial energies hence the theme of the stars in the background. 

It is a long time dream of mine to craft, create and build a good awareness site that focuses on online home for those working with Spirit and their intuition. A positive site that helps people find their way forward into the present and the horizon of the future.
My intention is for this site to be a family-friendly place of healing, wisdom, imparted knowledge and understanding, enlightenment, clarity, a safe haven for those that are searching for answers and guidance. 

So if you have found us here at eternalhealinghaven, you are welcome to join us if you wish to do so and you like what you see within the layout of the site. I firmly believe that as you are here viewing the site you are here for a good reason and you have been drawn in or guided to find us here at EternalHealingHaven. Make yourself at home.

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I'm Starise...
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