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 What IS the Aura?

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PostSubject: What IS the Aura?   Sat May 14, 2016 1:47 pm

An aura is the radiance of the soul - it is in essence - made up of many different layers and colours that help to become the general make up of soul energy or living energy of the person that it surrounds. It is also known as the general egg shape around the body of the person within it. But this doesn't apply to just human energy, it also applies to every living thing in this world today. And not just the living either, even people that have passed on to the spirit world in energy form or animal totems that have come forward to connect - they still have an aura field of awareness which contains what there is to know about them!

 An aura is a field of awareness wherein the knowledge and information about YOU is deep or surfaced-based within its depths. It is possible to read or tune into the energy of an aura; each layer holds different meanings of the colours, especially if working with colours in terms of readings and healing ability. Just like there are seven chakra center points located all around the body, there are seven in total layers of the aura. These auric layers are known as :- 

1. The Etheric Field: which expands one to two quarter inches beyond the body. This layer appears and is associated with your physical and material body, also linking in with the colour of the Root / Base Center  also known as the Grounding Chakra. The etheric layer represents the health and well being of a person. The aura colour itself will vary depending on the person - which varies from light blue to grey.

2. The Emotional Layer: This layer functions on a much higher level of vibration bringing in with it prosperous feelings of joy, clear and high feelings of excitement or joyfulness; but when out of balance in alignment can bring feelings of irritable ness or angry feelings. The emotional layer has all colours of the rainbow, it is also the layer that can easily be interpreted and seen. 

3. The Mental Layer of the Aura:- Often associated with perplexities of ego and the mental attitude applied to your work/path. Yellow is the colour of intellect, and your mind. This is the thought pattern and working active energy bringing in thoughts and ideas, inspirations that are likely to be repeated and dreamt of.

4. The Astral Layer :- This is the bridge between the spiritual worlds and the doorway to the astral realm. It is also the part where all dreams, meditation and astral journeys take place within the conscious, waking mind as it is indeed connected to the heart center. 

5. The Etheric Layer:- The blueprint of our physical body, open to all lines of communication, negativity and blockages ought to be unblocked within this field and let go of so as to ensure new energies can come in to connect and communicate. It is a field that energy healers often work with.

6. The Celestial Layer:- Epitome of consciousness and awareness collected in this layer, working with spiritual energies, feelings of unconditional love and contains pastels colours... comes forward on a higher vibrational of aura wavelength.

7. The Ketheric Layer:- The Last layer of the aura: connected to the chakra of the crown, colours differ in relation to the person. A bridge between all dimensional worlds including a gateway to the divine. 
It shines in a bright gold colour which is the epitome of colours that work in alignment with the mind and divine communication.
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What IS the Aura?
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