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Welcome Home To Our New Community! We are a friendly-family online supportive awareness network for all souls awoken to their paths guided by the higher spirits and higher energies... if you have found here here at EternalHealingHaven, please be aware and mindful of your energy, ground and protect on our site as you will find that this ensures that you are safely protected from any hindering energetic vibrations.

A cosy little home online for all souls navigating their journey on the path of awareness.
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 Eternal Healing Haven

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PostSubject: Eternal Healing Haven   Tue May 10, 2016 7:55 pm

Eternal Healing Haven is intending to transform into a friendly online Home for offering support, guidance, insightful wisdom and intuitive knowledge to all that find us here in the present and those making our acquaintance in the future too.

If you wish to become a site reader or site healer please let Starise know and we can add you to the right group from which you'll be able to work on our site provided you keep to our guidelines and keep ego out of the equation to make sure this site is a friendly haven for all. 

We hope that Eternal Healing Haven flourishes further in friendship as we walk alongside each other on a beautiful new journey of true friendship and move forward from strength to strength to achieve exactly what we wish to achieve.
Our Dream is to build a strong but close knit network of support for people that are awakening to the consciousness of Spirit and that are finding their niche in distant work with spirit, energy work and energy healing.

If you find us here today at Eternal Healing Haven... understand that we have compiled a list of a few things we wish for you to consider on joining our community.

  • Free Will and Freedom of Choice and freedom of speech - of course - applies to Everyone on our site.  This is a spiritual site though so please keep conversations on topic if topic is mentioned in chat. It is therefore paramount that anything given to you within a read or healing session - the end result or outcome is left up to you to decide to do as you will with the information offered. The choice is yours alone to decide what to do within your life, none of us can make that decision for you!
  • Respect for ALL and every living thing: Respect everyone - for spirit included - as Respect is what you'll get back in return.
  • Grounding and Protection is a must as you are working with Energy.
  • Positive Intentions are a definite at all times - we are here to help YOU, not hinder you or your work within your path. 
  • No Judgements: None whatsoever - not until you've heard the full life story of that person! 
  • No Ego: Egos are not welcome here on our site. Just Be You. 
  • No Predictions: Predictions in any kind of reading is a no-no, especially a true death prediction... as will instil fear or uneasiness in sitter, which is something you do not wish to do within the role of a site reader. So no predictions on our site will be tolerated as the future isn't cast in stone!
  • Work with what you know- rather than something that you don't know. If you don't understand a certain tool; trust your instincts and don't use it.
  • No Oujia boards to be used on our site: Simply because you can connect to Spirit direct through the clairs and the active listening ear.
  • Walk your own path - not somebody else's! Its okay to assist and help but not to outlaw someone from the group. This group is for EVERYONE that finds us so we are open to all that do decide to join us on our new venture.
  • Healing is not to be substituted for medical treatment. No assessing for medical conditions on our site. We are not doctors therefore any health related concerns ought to be seen to by your local GP or a professional and certified medical expert.
  • If seeking help then please go to a doctor or certified medical expert who is capable to help you further, same applies with counsellors and personal burdens. 

  • Membership is for ALL aware souls over 18+.
  • Messages and healing sessions 1-2-1 and group sessions are offered FREE without charge on our site. We are a non-profit community so we  do not charge for anything at all on our site. 
  • Please do not spam, troll or idle in our site forums or chatroom. Anyone found spamming, trolling will be banished.
  • You must be an active participant and a registered member to receive a practice reading or healing. 
  • Positive Intentions are a must as is trust Wink We are not turning a blind eye to the negative as we know its out there we just hope that everyone does indeed ground and protect themselves as its important to do so when working with energy. 
  • Remember we are all on the same wavelength whether learning or just starting out with learning along our path. 
  • Confidentiality between readers & sitters is a must...the same applies to healers and those receiving energy on a 1-2-1 level of session. Unless you feel that admin needs to know then ask for receivers permission to let admin know discreetly, otherwise confidentiality ought to be in place at all times within our group and community.

Staff reserve the right to amend these guidelines when the need arises.

Please sign in a new post below to say that you have acknowledged these terms and conditions and guidelines and are familiar with them.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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Eternal Healing Haven
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